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24-Hour Emergency Service That Includes Weekends

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Having a Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures | Mesa Dentist | Robison Dental Group that offers 24-hour emergency service is great because you never know when something is going to happen. Some dentists are usually open from around 9AM to around 5PM and sometimes things happen after that. This is also true for weekends because some offices aren’t open at all on Saturdays and Sundays. The reason this is so important is that having something happen after hours or on weekends can result in you having to wait multiple days before you can be seen. A few of the issues that would be considered a dental emergency are: a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth, a tooth that is knocked out, and a really bad bite to the tongue, cheek, or lip.

Working With Your Insurance Plan

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Another thing that is important when looking for a dentist is that they work with your insurance plan. You don’t want to end up having to pay hundreds of dollars because the office either doesn’t take your insurance plan or is trying to do a procedure that your insurance doesn’t cover. Most times, a dental office takes quite a few different insurances and, depending on the insurance, the entire visit and procedure might be covered 100 percent. Other times, you might have to pay a small copay but the actual services are covered. The best thing to do is ask the office if they take your insurance and if there is any kind of copay before scheduling an appointment.

Offering Flexible Payment Options

If the dental office that you are interested in doesn’t take your insurance or your insurance only covers a portion of the services, you want to ask if they have any payment plans available. Being able to do a payment plan not only helps break up the payments into smaller amounts, but also make it so you can pay when it’s convenient for you. Most times, the dental office will have something like a payment every 2 weeks or every month. Every office is different so the best way to find out what kind of payment plans they offer is to ask them about it. You should also ask whether or not there are any added fees to using their payment plan.

Offering Sedation Services

Some people have extreme anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist and getting work done. While some offices only offer numbing, others offer forms of sedation that will make you comfortable and relaxed. Some of those are: laughing gas, conscious sedation, and being put completely out. Having some sort of sedation can really take away a lot of the anxiety that’s associated with the dentist and if you are nervous, don’t be afraid to bring it up and ask!