Bamboo Flooring

Many animals found on the almost extinct list have in their diet bamboo. The lovely Giant Pandas feed exclusively on bamboo leaves and shoots, and the Mountain Gorillas in Africa also appreciate a bamboo meal. Even humans eat bamboo, but they also use it for interior design.

This idea was triggered by the high speed of growing and maturing of this plant ( It is not a tree, it is a type of grass, but when it is fully grown around the age of five years, it hardens to the texture of wood. It grows vertically, having a cylindrical shape with knots situated at almost equal distances one from the other.

It is hard to imagine that from such a plant, you could do more than the floor of a treehouse in the jungle ( Nevertheless, bamboo can be turned into the most resistant and beautiful flooring in the world. The new technologies have enabled people to straighten it, mostly the species known as Moso, with the help of chemical substances.

These floors are durable and resistant to insects, fungus, or other dangers. The fast regeneration of the bamboo makes you feel comfortable about not disturbing the natural equilibrium. In the harvesting process, the entire plant is not destroyed because the roots remain untouched, and they give birth to other bamboo plants growing just as quickly as the previous ones.

There are many shades to choose from when you decide to buy bamboo floors ( They range from the natural stone which is rather light to the darker shades similar to the oak. The darker the color, the more complex the process of manufacturing the bamboo into floor pieces. After several controversies, the producers have decided to use fewer chemicals to make this kind of flooring even more eco-friendly.

Bamboo is a very appropriate material for the floors in your rooms, being both elegant and ecological. But for the bathrooms, the kitchen, or the hallways, you need to use marble tiles. These tiles are not only very beautiful but also very easy to clean. The resistance of these materials guarantees that you won’t need to redecorate too soon.