Cleaning floors guide

Cleaning floors is a job you cannot ignore in either residential or commercial properties. The floor to any space depicts a lot; hence regular cleaning has to be done to make it look attractive and neat. While choosing a cleaning company if you are not willing to engage on a DIY floor clean, you need to ensure they have what it takes to get the job done. The flooring material to the property determines which cleaning aids and solutions need to use to ensure cleaning is done right and no damage on the floor.

How do you clean it? Here is a guide to it:

Hardwood floors

Flooring made out of hardwood contains two main components that include wax and polyurethane. While cleaning such a floor, you need to use a neutral-pH soap and microfibre mob as your ideal cleaning aids to make it sparkling clean. As you clean, ensure the mop is damp and not soaked, and as you do so, your floor will dry faster. Do not forget to wax the floor as regularly as possible as part of your cleaning routine so that it always has a shine on it.

Laminated flooring

Laminated floors are perfect material for you since little damaged can be caused by cleaning aids and solutions. Laminated flooring can be cleaned through dry mopping or a vacuum in case it doesn’t have any stain on it. If you need to have a thorough clean, you might have to use a damp mop on it.


Tiles are one of the most commonly used flooring materials all over the world. Different types of types fit each space and room on both residential or commercial properties. Cleaning any type is an easy hack for you, also just like laminated flooring. Detergent or liquid washing soap would be perfect with the aid of a mop. However, if you need to clean your tiles correctly, you may have to use a tile scrubber, which a cleaning company should have as you hire for the service.